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Must-Haves for a Children’s Christmas Party

It’s getting colder and colder and the countdown had already begun. The season to be merry is in the air. Christmas time is here! I can hear Santa Claus’ Ho Ho Ho, he is coming to town soon. Have you already figured out what’s the theme for your Christmas party for your kids? There’s a lot to consider so we’ve listed some party ideas that might be helpful to ease your stress and make your party enjoyable and memorable for the kids. We’ve also listed different products that you could choose from to avoid the holiday rush and shopping stress. Everything is just a click away.

Christmas Party Decorations

A well-decorated venue will definitely set the mood of the guests for this once a year celebration. Whatever your theme is, make sure to never miss including snowman and Santa Claus on your decoration.


We’ve listed three ideal snowman decoration that you might want to include on your list.

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These snowman decorations will absolutely add shiver to your venue. Kids will definitely love watching the train goes round and round with selected Christmas songs as background. They would also sing along with the snowman while singing “Frosty the Snowman.”

Christmas Archway

Why not welcome your little guests with an inflatable archway? These giant archways will make the kids feel that they are most welcome for the party. We’ve gone ahead and listed the top three Christmas archway that will help you welcome your guests.

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Kintness’ archway would be the best choice because it’s cheaper and enhances the festivity atmosphere with it’s colorful pile of gifts.

Christmas T-Shirts

Isn’t it cute to attend the party with the same t-shirts? Here are some ideal Christmas t-shirts that you might be willing to wear on your kids’ Christmas party or during your family’s Christmas Eve gathering. These would be perfect for Christmas gifts as well.

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Partituki’s Merry Christmas t-shirt are available for the whole family (kids, men, and women). It is lightweight and classic fit with sizes from Kids 2 to adult’s 3XL. You can choose the color that you want from its 10 different colors, including asphalt, white, baby blue, purple, silver, and orange. Quality is guaranteed with its double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

No products found.

Partituki’s Happy New Year t-shirt is available for kids, men, and women from sizes Kids 2 to adult’s 3XL. You can choose from 10 different colors including white, baby blue, pink, lemon, orange, and black. The solid colors are made of 100% cotton while Heather Grey is 90% cotton and 10% polyester and all other Heathers are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Why not welcome 2020 with a bang wearing this Happy New Year t-shirt?

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Beat the cold weather with this Partitukis’ Merry Christmas long sleeve t-shirt. This unisex long-sleeve is available in five colors: black, navy blue, royal blue, heather, and heather grey. Sizes are available from unisex small to unisex 2XL. The solid colors are made of 100% cotton while heather grey is 90% cotton and 10% polyester and all other heathers are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Can be machine washed cold and should be dried in low heat.

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Be stylish with Partituki’s Merry Christmas Raglan Baseball tee. It is available for men and women from small to 2XL. It is available in seven colors, including black/white, dark heather/white, royal blue/white, black/athletic heather, and navy/athletic heather. It is lightweight and durable with its double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Should be machine washed with cold water and dried in low heat.

Your friends will surely love receiving any of these items as a present. You will surely add to the festivity of the party or gatherings wearing this in-season t-shirts.

Christmas Activities

Children must be kept entertained during the party so you must include fun activities on your to do list. Here are some that might help.

It’s Bingo Time!  

Each player will be given a bingo card. The host will pick a card out of the box (or whichever you choose to put the bingo pictures) and will describe or show it to the players. If the picture is found on the card, the player will mark it. The host will continue picking until a player completed four pictures in a row, may it be crosswise, diagonal, or up and down. You can repeat this game for as many as you want. 

We run through various Bingo cards and selected three ideal ones that will make your guests excited to mark the pictures and say BINGO.

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Moon Boat’s Christmas Bingo card is a must-have for your party. Its material is thick and sturdy, which means that you can keep it and re-use it next year. The pictures are beautiful and colorful. Grab one now and start marking those pictures and be the one to say “BINGO!”

Pin the Nose of the Snowman

As the traditional pinning game, each player will be given a nose to pin on the picture posted on the wall. The participant will be blindfolded and will be spun. He/she will try to pin the nose of the snowman.

We’ve listed our favorite Snowman posters that might become your favorites too.

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OTC’s big head of the snowman will make it easier for kids to pin the nose of the snowman. The chance of pinning it on the right position is higher.

Tossing that Reindeer

This is a pair game, one will be the reindeer and the other one will toss the ring. Check out the video to better know how to play the game.

We like the following products, which you might like too.

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Uniqhia has been selected as Amazon’s choice, children would be energized to toss that colorful rings. In terms of affordability, iGeeKid is the best option.

Bouncy Christmas Ball Relay

Why not practice your kids speed and balance? This is a team activity. Each player will go to the marked position and back to the starting line without dropping the ball. Once back to the starting point, the ball will be passed to the next player. (Remember: do not drop the ball or else you will start from the top.)

We’ve trimmed down the long list of available bouncy balls into three. These are the top three bouncy balls that are perfect for your activity.

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The Twiddlers’ bouncy ball is the most practical choice, you just have to provide the spoon. It has 90 balls for an affordable price. The remaining balls can be used as a give away to your guests.

Christmas Trivia

Time to cool down and test the mind so better practice what you know about the holiday season. Kids will surely enjoy this game plus they will will discover new things about Christmas. A fun way of learning.

We are going to analyze the following products and see which one would be the best pick.

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You will never go wrong in selecting Christmas Trivia by Go! Games. It has 1200 trivia for an affordable price.

Partituki’s Christmas Book

A great picture book about Christmas origins and customs. Your children will definitely enjoy how Partituki shares his knowledge about Christmas and the different Christmas customs and traditions observed in the United States. Your kids will surely enjoy the vibrant and colorful illustrations of the book that will awaken their imagination and will give them a little tour in Bethlehem and North Pole. It will totally make them more excited about Christmas. It features short sentences and simple words that your children can easily memorize. It is an ideal book that you can read to your kids beside the Christmas tree in front of the fireplace.

Paperback version
Kindle version

Christmas Placemats

Before proceeding to the exciting cupcakes and cookies decoration, why not let the kids lay their own placemats on the tables? A placemat with a twist. It would be more exciting if they will color their placemats first before using them. Here are two Christmas-themed printable placemats that your children will truly love to color.

Partituki’s Printable Placemats

Merry Christmas Placemat

Happy New Year Placemat

Easy to print yourself children’s coloring placemats. All elements are guaranteed high resolution (300 dpi) for quality prints. You will receive 5 files with instant download: A3 size printable PDF placemat, A3 size printable JPG placemat, 8.5 x 14 (legal size) printable PDF placemat, 8.5 x 14 (legal size) printable JPG placemat, and instructions and free gift PDF. Grab now and enjoy 50% discount. A truly must-have for your children’s Christmas party. Available at

Cupcakes and Cookies Decoration

Kids are probably starving after participating in the games. While preparing the table, you can let your kids decorate their cupcakes or cookies. Be ready for the mess that this activity will surely bring, but you can protect your tables with place mats.

We’ve listed a wide variety of cupcake and cookie decorations that will surely boost your kids’ creativity.

Christmas Sprinkles

Kids will be more excited to decorate their cupcakes with these colorful sprinkles. They would want to cover their cupcakes with snowflakes and tiny Christmas trees.

We’ve listed our top three favorites.

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You might want to add these sprinkles on your cart, but if your budget is limited your best choice would be Wilton’s holiday sprinkles set. The colors of their sprinkles well-represent Christmas. Kids would love to combine these colors and boast their creation.

Cookie Icing

These easy-to-squeeze pouches will make it easier for your kids to write down their names or add smileys on their cookies. This will definitely encourage them to unleash their creative side.

Here are two of the best options for cookie icing.

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Betty Crocker Cookie Icing makes it a better option because the package has three different flavors and colors. This is much cheaper than buying three separate flavors.

Candy Canes

You can challenge your kids to create a delicious treat made of candy cane and be amazed of their output.

Here is our favorite candy canes for all times.

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Brach’s candy cane is more practical because the package includes 40 pcs. candy cane. It is neatly packaged and had received good reviews.

Mini Marshmallows

Mini marshmallows are the best toppings for coffee and chocolate drinks, but they are also a good match for cupcakes and cookies. Kids will surely be tempted to grab some while decorating.

We’ve analyzed three mini marshmallows that might help you in selecting the best one.

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Kraft Jet-Puffed is the best choice, it received a 4.2 out of 5 stars ratings from consumers. It contains zero grams of total fat and no sodium added. It is also budget-friendly.

Edible Eyes

These edible eyes will allow your kids to create their own little snowman or Santa Claus as well as the Grinch.

These are our favorite eyeballs:

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You will never go wrong in selecting GEORLD candy eyeballs. It was selected as Amazon’s choice. It is affordable and everyone would love it’s taste.

Party Food

We’ve listed variations of food that you might want to add to your list. Some treats that your children can grab from time to time. Your kids will surely love these delicious snacks.

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie Cups
A certified eye-catcher and enticing snack to grab. You can demonstrate how it is done and let them decorate their hot cocoa marshmallow cookie cup. Recipe by Kitchen Fun with my three sons.
Pretzels M&M Hugs
This is a sure hit for the kids so make sure to add this on your list. A three-ingredient snack that will make them come back for more. Recipe from Cooking Classy.
Rolo Rolo Pretzel Reindeer
Surely kids would love to see Rudolph ans his shint big nose. This is a quick and easy treat to make. A perfect sweet to grab while waiting for his/turn to play. Recipe by I Heart Naptime.
Christmas Jellies
These colorful jellies definitely represent Christmas and festivity. Make sure to prepare it a day or two before the celebration to ensure that it will set. Recipe by Kidspot Kitchen.

Enough with the sweets. Let’s try some healthier dishes.

Anipasto Wreath
Kids will definitely not notice that they are eating some vegetables and fruits. A perfect platter that defines healthy living. Recipe by Delish.
Cheescake Stuffed Strawberry Santas
Who wouldn’t want to grab a bite with yhese cute strawberry Santa Claus? Recipe by Laura Fuentes.
Mini Hotdog Christmas Wreath
Kids will definitely say YES to this savory dish. Kids will totally ask for more. Recipe by Kidspot Kitchen.

More recipes and food party ideas that you might find useful:


Of course, do not forget to give your guests something that would remind them of the party you’ve hosted.

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All of these items are great give-away for your guests. If you have enough budget, you can choose the Cupture classic candy insulated tumbler cup. This will help the children keep the temperature of their drinks for a certain period. Coloring books are also a hit to kids since they love to color plus they will also learn. You can either personalize the natural wood slices or you can give it to them blank and let them draw what they want. However, if the budget is limited, the Christmas saying button pins would be ideal.

Christmas Freebies

Download these 2 high resolution Christmas coloring pages

Christmas party doesn’t have to be that grandiose. What matters most is that the kids have fun, bond with their friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy holidays!

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