Best Ideas and Tips for a Spooktacular Kids’ Halloween Party

Thinking about throwing a Halloween party for the kids? Make this year’s October 31st exciting and more memorable. Let your kids enjoy the trick or treat. However, organizing a party is never an easy task. We’ve listed some tips and ideas that will surely make your Halloween party spooktacular. 

Halloween Party Decorations

What is a party without decorations? Haunt your guests and creep out passers by with spooktacular decorations. Be the talk of the town and be the scariest house. You can turn out your lawn into a mini-cemetery. Welcome your guests with hanging skeletons and turn your door into a coffin door. There are so many ways you can decorate your house and make it a monster house. 

We’ve gathered some amazing Halloween decorations that will totally make your house the scariest of them all. 

7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Tombstones Pathway: Self inflates in moment with built-in fan when plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Internal LED lights create a glowing nighttime display. Great for indoor, outdoor, party, stage prop and more.

5pack Halloween Decorations: The Halloween decorations set are made of high quality polyester, it is soft, lightweight, anti-crease and durable in use. You can use the lace fireplace mantel scarf, Halloween spider web tablecloth, and 3D Bat wall stickers to decorate your home kitchen party. Halloween spider lampshade and round cobweb tablecloth in not just a simple lace web cover, it has beautiful pattern, lifelike spiders and stars patterns.

Monster Face Halloween Archway Garage Door Decoration: The set includes 2 Huge Eyes, 2 Nostrils and 8 Fangs. It comes with weather resistant double side stickers. Perfect for Halloween archway decoration, garage door decoration, and outdoor decorations.

If you want to showcase your creativity, watch this video and get 10 DIY Halloween decoration ideas. It includes Halloween wreaths, yarn spider web, and creepy eyeballs. 

Relevant Resources

Find out more creative Halloween decorations from these relevant resources.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween parties will not be complete without those scary, silly, and cute costumes. Kids love mimicking their favorite characters. They can be good guys or bad ones for a day. Halloween costumes no longer all about representing scary characters like witch, zombies, etc. They can also be fairies, superheroes, and a lot more. The selection of costumes vary depending on what your kids want. To help you find the best costume for your young ones, we’ve listed some scary and cute costumes. The choice is yours. 

  • Fun World Greek Roman Goddess Costume: The costume is 100% polyester. The set includes sleeveless dress fastens w/ Velcro at back of neck; elastic back waistband. It also includes bust and waist trimmed with gold braid and gold plastic O-rings at shoulders support drapes.
  • Royal Vampire Costume for Kids: It is 100% polyester knit dress with polyurethane foam collar. It has a ribbon laced decorative corset on bodice. The costume is printed maroon pattern on center panel of dress and collar.
  • Fade In and Fade Out Unknown Phantom Kids Costume: The package includes robe, belt, gloves, hood, electronic fading glasses.

If the budget does not allow to purchase a new costume, you can always improvise and be creative. Here are some of the resources that will give you ideas on DIY Halloween costumes. 

Halloween Party Food

You never want to starve those little monsters or else. Prepare and serve some scary delicious party foods that they can grab and munch anytime they want.

This video shares lots of fun Halloween party food ideas and snacks that are cheap and easy to make. The recipes are easy enough that even your kids can help prepare. It includes chocolate witches hat, slime jello, and marshmallow ghosts. 

Find your ideal Halloween menu from these relevant resources.

  • 11 Halloween Foods for Kids: The post provides 11 scary party foods that are dreadfully delicious. It includes mandarin pumpkin, bread coffin, and bat bites.
  • 60 Delicious Halloween Party Food Ideas for Your Big Bash: The post provides 65 Halloween-themed recipes for every kind of party food. The recipes are easy to prepare and won’t hurt your pockets when buying the ingredients. It includes pumpkin ice cream floats, cereal treat eyeballs, and Halloween layer cake. 

Halloween Games and Activities

Do not bore your young monsters with these fun and exciting Halloween games and activities.

Toilet Paper Mummy

The toilet paper game will definitely bring laughter among your guests. To save up expenses, you can limit one or two toilet papers per team.

What you Need:

  • Toilet papers

How to Play the Game:

Divide the kids into groups of three. One will serve as the mummy and the two members will be the wrappers. Each team should wrap their mummies using the toilet paper. The first team to finish, wins.


This will surely excite the kids: will they get a treat or a trick?

Watch the video and learn how to prepare a poke-a-pumpkin game. 

What you Need:

  •  Paper cups or tin cans
  • Orange tissue papers
  • Rubber bands

We’ve listed some options for the materials so you don’t have to go over the Internet and search for them.

How to Play:

Wrap each paper cup or tin can with the orange paper then seal it with a rubber band. Each cup or can must contain a treat or a trick. Each player will poke a cup. The prize they get depends on the content of the cup they’ve chosen.

You can give extra candies to those who get tricks so they won’t feel bad.  

Pop the Balloons

Popping a balloon is something that excites kids. 

What you Need:

  • Assorted Colored Balloons

How to Play:

Blow up the same number of each balloon color. This can be played individually, tandem, or team. Scatter all the balloons on the floor randomly. The aim of the game is to pop all the color balloons assigned to them using their feet only. The first to pop all their balloon color wins! 

Halloween Bingo

Who doesn’t enjoy playing Bingo? Including this on your list is a sure hit. Everyone is excited to be the first to shout Bingo and win the prize. 

What you Need: 

  • Bingo cards

Here are some cute and affordable Bingo cards you can use for your party: 

  • 32 Players Halloween Games Bingo Cards for Kids: The set includes 16 bingo cards, 192 bingo markers, and 16 calling pieces. It features festive Halloween theme design. Everyone will have a great time playing this classic game of bingo with Halloween flair
  • Halloween Bingo Card Party Game: The set includes 16 bingo cards, 192 bingo markers, and 16 calling pieces. It features festive Halloween theme design. Everyone will have a great time playing this classic game of bingo with Halloween flair.
  • Halloween Bingo Game for Kids: The set includes 24 Halloween bingo cards with chips, calling chips, and game instructions. This Halloween bingo party game is great to play with children before trick-or-treat time.

How to Play:

Give each player a Bingo card and chips. Assign a caller who will pick and call-out the pictures. Players will cover the square with a chip when the photo called appears on their card. The first one to complete the designated pattern, wins! To avoid boredom and being repetitive, you can use different patterns each round or include some twist. 

Pin the Eye of the Monster

This classic blindfold game will challenge kids on how well they remember the position of the monster. A game of luck that will bring excitement to your guests. You can also replace it with pin the ribbon on the skeleton, pin the tail of the witch cat, and a lot more. 

What you Need:

  • Monster poster
  • Eyes
  • Blindfolds

Learn how to make your own monster poster from Pin the Eyes on the Monster blog. It provides a step-by-step direction on how to make a monster poster. 

How to Play:

Each player will take turns  in pinning the eye on the monster poster. They will be blindfolded and be spun three times before attempting to put the eye of the monster. The player who got it correctly or the nearest wins the game.

Here are also some other Halloween pin-the-game options: 

  • Pin-The-Smile-On-The-Skeleton: The set contains 1 21 3/4″ x 19 3/4″ paper skeleton game board, 12 Paper Smiles, and 1 paper blindfold. It features a white paper skeleton with neon green eyes, a paper blindfold and paper smiles to have yourself a game.
  • Ocosy Pin The Nose on The Pumpkin Game: The package includes 1pc 27.5*20.4 inch pumpkin Halloween poster, 1 pc blindfold, 30 noses. It also comes with 10 pcs Halloween balloons and enough adhesive tape for Halloween party. 30 Noses would make the game last longer and everyone will have more fun!
  • Pin The Eyeball On The Zombie Game: The package includes 2 sets of pin the eyeball on the zombie game. Each set contains a zombie poster, 12 eyeballs, and one 1 blindfold.

Relevant Resources for Halloween Party Games

  • 25 Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids: The post provides 25 fun Halloween party games for kids. It includes donut and amazing eating race, pop goes the pumpkin balloon Halloween game, and Frankenstein bowling. 
  • 40 DIY Halloween Party Games for Kids and Adults: The post features 40 DIY Halloween party games that will surely keep your little monsters entertained as well as adults. It includes show the skeleton, eyeball pong, and pumpkin drop game. 
  • 19 Halloween Party Games for Kids: The post lists 19 fun  classroom and Halloween games for kids. It includes Halloween feel box, Halloween pumpkin patch hunting game, and pass it on ghost story.

Ideas for Halloween party fro kids are endless. You are always free to innovate and create your own version. Happy trick or treat! I hope the kids will find more treats than tricks.

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