23 Best DIY Toys for Kids

Most of the time kids love to have all the latest toys available. However, some of these toys are expensive and giving your kids all that they want might spoil them. Instead of showering them with expensive toys, why not find ways on how to encourage them to make their own toys? This will not only help you save money, but will also improve your kids’ brain development and they will learn to appreciate what they have.

We’ve compiled some of the best DIY toys that you can try to make with your kids.

Homemade Harmonica – A Homemade Instrument from The Kitchen Table Classroom

Homemade Harmonica - DIY Toys for Kids

These homemade instruments come together quickly with just a few simple materials! They’re so simple and joyful!

DIY Decoupage Drums (Fun Way To Upcycle Yogurt Containers) from Drugstore Divas

DIY Decoupage Drums - DIY Toys for Kids

One of the ingredients is non-fat Greek yogurt. I buy it in either 32oz or 48oz containers, and then I feel bad about just tossing them. So I had to figure out how to decorate yogurt containers. I decided to decoupage them and upcycle yogurt containers into decoupage drums.

DIY Fine Motor Toy Infants from The Artisan Life

DIY Fine Motor Toy for Infants - DIY Toys for Kids

The easy DIY fine motor toy for infants is practically free to make and provides so much entertainment. It’s quick and easy to make your own baby toy using materials you already have at home when you follow this tutorial.

Have A Rock’n Game Night with an Outdoor DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game from Sustain My Craft Habit

Outdoor DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game - DIY Toys for Kids

This game, as well as other simple games like SOS, Hangman and Fortune Teller are how we passed the time when we were young. And now that we have kids, we wanted to pass down these fond memories to them. We created our own tic-tac-toe board game using a piece of leftover scrap wood from our Upcycled Barn Board Console Table we made recently and rocks that we collected at the lake.

How to Build The Ultimate Indoor Fort from Intelligent Domestications

Ultimate Indoor Fort - DIY Toys for Kids

Build a Box Fort or Indoor Cardboard Playhouse for indoor play. Hours of entertainment if it is a rainy day, cold day or too hot to go outside.

How to Make a Peg Doll: DIY Little Mermaid from Three Kids, Three Cats, and a Husband

DIY Little Mermaid - DIY Toys for Kids

Peg doll can be as simple or as creative as you want them to be. Since unfinished peg dolls come in packs, doing a bunch of them at once, assembly-style, would be a smart way to go. If you get a couple of friends and/or older kids to work on them with you, even better! These dolls make adorable stocking stuffers and would make a great service project for a group to make and donate to an organization that helps kids in need.

Make Your Own Doll’s House from Craftbits

DIY Doll's House - DIY Toys for Kids

I am going to share a step-by-step guide in how to create your own dolls house with just a few materials and the help of your darlings. The great thing about making your own dolls house is that you can customize it however you wish, and add as many dolls house accessories and furniture as you/the kiddies like. You can even decide when the walls could do with a little renovation and redecorate the whole house into something completely new.

Toy PVC Bow and Arrow Tutorial for the Minecraft Party from Tikkido

PVC Bow and Arrow - DIY Toys for Kids

What could be a more fun activity and take-home favor at a Minecraft birthday party than a toy bow and arrow? These PVC pipe bows and wooden dowel arrows are a blast to play with.  Even for me.  They worked surprisingly well, and were really fun to shoot. 

Creating Clay Miniatures from Simplify Create Inspire

Clay Miniatures - DIY Toys for Kids

My kids adore all the most intricate and mess inducing toys. Think Barbies and all their accessories, My Little Pony, buttons, play money and all the other things that seem to spread from one end of the house to the other. These tiny toys seem to be their love language! They can’t get enough. Meanwhile, I feel like I spend half my life picking them up again. So it was only natural that I was the coolest mum ever on the day I introduced them to clay miniatures!

DIY High Contrast Sensory Book for Babies from The Growing Creatives

Sensory Books for Babies - DIy Toys for Kids

This high contrast sensory book is perfect for babies as they take in their new world around them. Using only black, white, and red for the pictures, it will be baby’s favorite thing to look at (besides your face!)

Frog Games – STEAM Education Project with Origami Frogs from Steamed Powered Family

Origami Frogs - DIY Toys for Kids

Use paper to make Origami frogs that jump! Then set up a challenge for kids to jump their frogs into numbered cupcake liners to see who can get the most points!

How to Make Sponge Water Bombs from Earth Friendly Tips

Sponge Water Bombs - DIY Toys for Kids

While water balloons might be a fun summer activity, they’re incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly summer activity your kids will enjoy, learn how to make sponge water bombs.

Noughts and Crosses Travel Game from Sum of their Stories

Noughts and Crosses - DIY Toys for Kids

You know that dead simple game with the O’s and the X’s, do you call it Noughts and Crosses or Tic Tac Toe or maybe something else? I made a Noughts and Crosses travel game in a bag as a gift for this Christmas so now I can share it with you and show how simple it is to make this fun game as a gift for a little one.

How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh from Strength and Sunshine

Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh - DIY Toys for Kids

Safe PlayDoh for celiacs and kids of all ages! An easy tutorial on How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh. A fun and easy craft to DIY with the kids and have them playing for hours! Non-toxic, no artificial colors or chemical ingredients required!

DIY Cardboard Lemonade Stand for Kids from Party With Unicorns

Lemonade Stand - DIY Toys for Kids

 Keep your weekly grocery store boxes and make a lemon stand for your kids to play with. You could also do a diy store or a ice cream parlour. Their new shop or stand will keep them busy for hours and promote lots of fun pretend play.

How to Make Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls from Conservamom

Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls - DIY Toys for Kids

If you’re looking for a super fun craft that the kids are going to go crazy for, check out these super simple Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls . This is certain to keep them busy and active for hours!

Creative Kids: Super Simple Kaleidoscope for Kids from Raising Kids with Purpose

Super Simple Kaleidoscope - DIY Toys for Kids

Kids can make their own kaleidoscope mostly using materials around the house! Toddlers and kids both love this project, especially when completed as they watch all the colors and patterns transform.

Cardboard Train for Toys from If Only April

Cardboard Train - DIY Toys for Kids

Don’t throw baby wipes boxes and make this super fun cardboard train! Add a little sign with your kid’s name and observe your kid having tons of fun!

DIY Family Picture Book For Baby from Making Manzanita

DIY Family Picture Book - DIY Toys for Kids

This DIY family picture book for baby is perfect for teaching your little one names and faces of your family. This book will also come in handywhen he is learning how to write. You can use the laminated picture book to practice your hand lettering with a dry erase marker.

Egg Carton Alligator Craft for Preschoolers from Forever Green Mom

Egg Carton Alligator - DIY Toys for Kids

This is the original alligator craft. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the updated one. It’s so CUTE!!

Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord – Bible Craft for Kids from Catholic Icing

Bible Craft for Kids - DIY Toys for Kids

This vacation bible school program is chock full of fun crafts and activities for all kids ages preschool through teens. 

Kids Squeeze Ball from Bitz & Giggles

Kids Squeeze Ball - DIY Toys for Kids

Kids squeeze ball, stress ball, squishy ball. . .whatever you’d like to call it. This toy keeps kids busy for hours and they are so simple to make! Here’s how to make a kids squeeze ball!

DIY Paper Spinner Toys from Red Tea Art

DIY Paper Spinner Toys - DIY Toys for Kids

So it was only a matter of time before we had a go at making a DIY Paper Spinner. Not only were they super fun to make.. but they provide a great STEAM activity for anyone learning about colour theory. It is simply so magical to see colour theory in action right before your eyes.

Creating some DIY toys does not only help you save money, but also teach your kids to appreciate the things that they have. It is not necessary to buy them all the latest and trending toys, this will only spoil them. What’s the best DIY toy you’ve created for your kids? Feel free to share them on the comment box.

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